Just as the autumn weather gives you a new spirits in your steps, awakening your home's decor with a little spring refresh can make you feel as alive as spring. Do not immediately think bad thoughts, you do not have to spend such large sums to do this renovation. The good news is that lighting and refreshing your home is much easier - and much more cost effective than you might think!

If you are tired of the layout and decoration of your existing room, the change of seasons can be the perfect excuse to revive the style of your room and make it feel good to you! Whether you're in the mood to make a major change that will reshape your entire living space, or just make a few small but impressive changes to your living room décor. If you really want to change something, it is not that hard to find many logical and easy ways that you can do without straining your wallet.

The secret to keeping your room décor looking great is not buying a bunch of expensive plants or shopping for trendy new decorations. Rather, this entails being able to think outside the frame when it comes to decorating ideas. Without tiring your wallet, you should be creative by reusing items you have and risking a few tasteful designs to freshen up your home.

If you're ready to celebrate the change of the seasons in your home by making a few changes to your room's decor, we have a few creative (and totally free) ways to prepare your home for autumn. After all, a small change might be good for you.


1.Start by Clearing the Clutter/h3>

Nothing refreshes your living room faster than clearing clutter; Therefore, take a day to look at the area where you will be defeated with a critical eye. Clean all flat surfaces and start over, completely rearranging. Remember: Less stuff more freedom. If you're still feeling stuck, you can even take a picture of your room from your phone to help you visually see the cluttered areas you might not notice in person.


2.Reorganize Your Living Room Furniture

Relax where space is needed by moving your furniture pieces to create a new sense of flow and tranquility. This free way to refresh your room in the fall is one of the most effective and easiest steps you can take.


3. Temporarily Exchange Accessories with a Friend

Instead of buying new products to wake up your home with spring, ask your decorating and design-enthusiast friends if they would like to trade in decorative items for a few months. It's like changing the wardrobe but this time with lamps, pillows, paintings and lots of fun decor items instead of dresses.


4. Make Your Own Wall Art Using Crayons

In your room, create your own wall using crayons and give it a focal point. Using a simple ruler, draw something simple such as geometric design or fake wallpaper directly on your walls and paint over it with a color pencil of your choice. With this free decoration idea, you can make your own handmade wall in a snap, and transform your room or home into a completely different atmosphere!


5. Room to Room Change

Another easy and free way to renovate your entire home is to change your wall art and decor from room to room. For example, move the framed painting hanging above your bed to a shelf in your living room, or make an easy and effective change by moving the plant from your bathroom to a new room. You can also move the curtains from room to room, or if your windows are down to the floor, eliminate them altogether.


6. Get Creative with Wall Art

Wall art is one of the easiest décor pieces to "DIY" because almost anything you have at hand can look cool when hung or framed in your space in style. You can make a dusty wicker basket that is not used in your closet, a macramé that you throw aside, or everyday objects can be hung. Beautiful serving plates, jewelery or a camera - when grouped together on a blank wall, they can create a creative wall art. You can even frame and hang your favorite memories, like old pictures or sentimental letters, to add to your gallery wall. Do not limit creativity this autumn!


7. Collect Autumn Decor From Nature

You can either put mini pumpkins in a nice bowl or find branches that have fallen from your garden to decorate them in a vase and prepare your home for autumn without spending a penny. For the winter, if you want to grow new plants, autumn is the perfect season to plant your own plants. You can grow new plants by preparing for your winter decoration with plant seeds you buy from your family or friends!


8. Find New Purposes For Products You Already Own

Use an old nail polish bottle to paint a picture frame. Make an old stack of textbooks a small side table. Use an old travel luggage as a table. Hang woven baskets that collect dust in your closet on the wall. With sufficient creativity, the design possibilities are endless!


9. Strategically Shop New Decoration Items

If you insist on buying something “new” for your home, find ways to get new items without spending any money. You can regularly check second-hand goods sites like Letgo for free furniture and other project pieces that you can design to your liking, or exchange items with a retailer rather than pay for cash.